Norfolk Gazelles 'Big Stampede'

Norfolk Gazelles 'Big Stampede' - 24 October 2021

After the success of the inaugural 2019 event, we are delighted to announce the return of the Norfolk Gazelles Championship Relay in October 2021. This year it’s now bigger and better with an additional individual race for adults and two new children’s races.  Welcome to the Norfolk Gazelles 'Big Stampede'!

All races will be chip timed by ChipTimingUK and every runner will end up with an individual 2k or 5k chip time (relay competitors will have both an individual 5k time and total time for each team).



Enter here:


(PLEASE NOTE: For all races, under 18s can’t register themselves via active .com – an adult needs to log into their own active account and “Register for someone else”)


Love running as a team? Run as a herd of four in the Championship Relay!

Four 5k legs around the Savannah (aka The Showground):

Leg 1 - Dorcas Gazelles, Leg 2 - Mountain Gazelles, Leg 3 - Chinkara Gazelles, Leg 4 - Impala Gazelles

Ages 11+

Race starts from 10:00 (see more information below)

UKA Affiliated - £13 each (£52/team)

UKA Unaffiliated - £15 each (£60/team)



  • Team captains need to pay for their team when entering.
  • Affiliated teams must have ALL members affiliated – otherwise they will be classified as an unaffiliated team.
  • Where teams have competitors in different age categories, they will be categorised as the ‘least advantageous’ group (e.g. 2x Vet and 2x Open will be classified as Open).


Want to run solo? Then we have the Individual 5k Dash!

Ages 11+

Race starts from 10:00

UKA Affiliated - £13 each

UKA Unaffiliated - £15 each


Want to bring the kids?

- Fawns 2k Trot – ages 4-12 (kids accompanied by an adult)

- Calves 2k Canter – ages 4-12 (kids race unaccompanied)

Races start from 09:00

£5 (accompanying adult no charge)

Enter all races here via

Download the race information here:

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