Round Norfolk Relay 2017

Please find a list of the 2 teams we would like to enter for the Round Norfolk Relay. Thank you to everyone who offered their services but, as you can see, we had many people to choose from this year. Choice of runner was done strictly on past races from the last few months with a thought to terrain etc. Could runners please accept the leg and then give us an estimate of time. Remember you are responsible for knowing your directions (Maz!!!) although on-road legs will have a cyclist and/or van with you.
Reserves please be ready to run as we've always used some of you in the past. We will endeavour to let you know of any changes asap.
Please contact us at chairman@norfolkgazelles with any questions / problems. (Or via facebook / Sam) Please can all runners make sure that we have your mobile number to keep in contact with timings over the weekend of the race.
Many Thanks,
Pete and Sam
Team Pete
1. Steve Rolfe 2. Mark Drysdale 3. Estelle Drysdale 4. Rowena Leary 5. Dudley Garner 6. Emma Jay 7. Nigel Arnold 8. Lou Hurr 9. Lisa Netto 10. Jeremy Rogers 11. Beth King 12. Chris Moore 13. Michael Eccles 14. Alan Hume 15. Helen Mian 16. Maz Page 17. Phil Whiting
Team Sam
1. Jason Brunt 2. Steve Sadd 3. Ian Coxhead 4. Nick Ross 5. James Fowler 6. Lee Oxbury 7. Tobias Arnup 8. James Frary 9. Helen Salmon 10. Tim Sexton 11. Sam Thelwell 12. Tom Hutchins 13. Tim Woods 14. Alan Butterworth 15. Graham Hardingham 16. Justine Davenport 17. Ady Waters
Sue Moore, Jenny Burfoot, Mimi Waters, Chris Dent, Mark Fowler, Tim Cook, Nigel Bullen, Maria, Steve Cook (Anyone else I've missed off?)